Oracle - Can I filter in only raw vegan foods when using this fonction?

I follow a raw vegan fruit based diet and I m considering upgrading to GOLD mainly for the oracle function, which can inform foods, rich in some specific nutrient. I don't want to be bored with non food options to me as body parts of dead animals, bovine mammary secretion, chicken periods, bee vomits or any super strange thing filled with suffering that the mainstream calls as "food", neither any processed or cooked food in any sort.

Is it possible to filter the oracle's answers to only raw vegan options? Can I set up a list of available foods where I live so that the oracle uses at database? Can I set up standard quantities that I eat so that it searches for foods tanking quantities in account? I easily eat 1,5 kg of bananas in only one meal for example.


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    Hi RawVegan,

    Your can limit your search results to different food categories that contain vegan foods such as Vegetables and Vegetable Products, Nut and Seed Products, Legumes and Legume Products, Fruits and Fruit Juices, Spices and Herbs, etc. However, we do not have a method to search for raw vegan foods.

    You can rank your search results in three different ways:
    1. Highest amount per calorie
    2. Highest amount per gram
    3. The Oracle - the Oracle takes into account nutrient density, how popular the food is in our database and the typical serving size.

    Learn more about The Oracle feature in our user manual:

    Cronometer has another feature in the diary page called Oracle Food Suggestions. This feature suggests foods that will help you meet your remaining nutrient targets for the day. You can include only vegan options when using the Oracle Food Suggestions.


    Karen Stark
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    I would love a raw vegan filter too!

    While I like eating "dead animal body parts" :) and I would love eatin various animal "mammary gland secretions" :D :D if I tolerated them, much of what I eat (and tolerate) is actually raw vegan.

    For the moment, I try doing with simply searching for "raw" but the more support for raw vegan, the better.

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