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I have a recipe manager with an awesome feature that would be super useful here. I have some recipes that I make diferent ways for different meals. I would love to be able to save the recipe with a different title and change the ingredients without the old version being deleted or overwritten. In my recipe manager, I click save as, change the title, and it saves everything under the new title. Then I edit it. And I have both recipes saved. This means I don't have to recreate the second recipe from scratch, just do the edits.


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    Hello @Lin_Sp
    You can do this with cronometer! Create a recipe, and then use the settings menu in the top right corner. Here, choose "Edit a Copy". A new copy of the recipe will be prepopulated which you can then edit.
    Alternatively if it is just a small one time change to your recipe, add the original recipe to your diary, then right click and choose "Explode recipe". Then you will be able to edit the ingredients of the recipe in that specific day.

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    Thank you, Hilary. I will start using that feature. :)

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