Fitbit updates not working

I've double checked that my Fitbit account and Cronometer are linked, as well as my scale. But data is not flowing betweem apps. Started today or late yesterday, was there a Cronometer update that might have disabled the synching?


  • Hi PandaFoodie,

    Sorry to hear your data wasn't importing. If your Fitbit device is synced with the Fitbit app, please try un-linking Fitbit from Cronometer. Then on your computer, login to your Fitbit account. Once logged in, go to settings (gear icon) and then Applications. On this screen, you should see Cronometer. Click 'Revoke Access' for Cronometer.

    Re-link with Fitbit, making sure all permissions required are granted.
    Please let me know if this does not fix the issue.


    Karen Stark
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