choline tracking on the diary?

I see on the diary that, while choline is tracked on the trends drop down it is not on the diary. Why is that? I just found out I was not getting the recommended minimum but also that too much can be problematic for the heart. Seems fairly important. I am missing something? I sure did look for and don't take supplements ......


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    Some nutrients are not visible by default as they are not generally available from our nutrition data sources. Since there is very little data for these nutrients in our database, your tracked values may be significantly lower than they actually are.

    However, if you still wish to track them, settings can be changed by following these steps:

    1) Select the 'Profile' Tab

    2) In the 'Nutrient Targets' section, and find the nutrient

    3) Select the ''Visible'' check box next to the nutrient

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