hi everyone!

Just introducing myself and what I do, I'm a chef, and now I've starded sharing my fitness and professional life in a youtube channel, sharing my healthy recipes, and using cronometer to share the nutritional value for these recipies.

So if you are interested in getting some of these recipes, just check them on cronometer or I invite you to check them on youtube ( the videos are in spanish, but I add to all of them english subtitles)
that's my channel for recipies and in the future calesthenics and bodybuilding programs:

Stay healthy!


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    Hi Chef will be sure to check them out ????

    Francis Williams
    Nutrition practitioner
    Personal trainer
    Online Fitness Coach


    07769 321123
    01273 358525

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    please go ahead, I check, cook, try and check again all the recipies. I believe in a healthy cooking combined with natural ingredients and an active way of life (in my case calesthenics and bodybuilding combined). I just want to share my teaching/learning process with the ones who are interested in it.

    Specially this idea took shape after checking how the people was sharing recipes and what they eat, but theres was a lack of cooking procedures knowledge

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