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This may be a known issue or I am not doing something correctly but I currently have my daily health stats from my Garmin set up to automatically update cronometer. This part works great. They automatically populate the top category which in my case is Breakfast. I created a "health stats" category that I move them to each day but for some reason it always takes me two times for each one. I open the stat (weight for example) and change the category to health stats, hit done and then save. But for some reason it never changes on the first try but when doing the exact same thing it works on the second go. More of a pesky nuisance than anything else.


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    Hi Masher4077,

    You can change your settings and choose which category you would like to import data into. In the mobile app, tap Profile, then Diary Settings. Tap the option next to 'Import Data From Devices into' and choose the diary group you would like to use.

    There are two ways you can choose where to put an item in your diary.
    1. Tap on the diary group to highlight the header, then tap the orange + and then add your biometric, food, etc. This diary group should be the one shown in the Add Measurement dialog.

    1. Tap the orange + then in the Add measurement dialog, tap on the current diary group shown to select a different one.

    We will see if we can get to the bottom of this. It sounds like you are having trouble with changing the category after you have already added the biometric to your diary, is that right? Does this happen with any biometric you add to your diary? Or just the data that you have imported from Garmin? What about foods, exercises or notes?
    Are you using an android or iOS?


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you for your help Karen. It only appears to be doing it on the imported data from my Garmin so changing the cat. in the "import data from devices into" section should take care of it for me. I am using an Iphone 6 with iOS 11. I tested it with foods and they move the first time no problem. I also manually added a biometric to one cat. and move it to another on the first try so it appears to only be an issue with the imported data. thanks again.

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