Why is total nutrient target reached when separate nutrient targets are not?

(Nutritional newbie question coming up)
I've been pondering this issue for a while and can't seem to arrive at an answer...
At the end of the day when I check the total value of my nutrients on the diary page, it is usually around a hundred per cent, however, when I add up the percentages for the separate categories (protein, carbs and fat), it doesn't seem to always add up. For example, today the carbs and fat "bars" were both around a hundred percent, but the protein one was only on 56 per cent. How can the total nutrient target for the day be reached when the separate bars are not all complete (and none of them excessively exceeded)?
I've got my macronutrient targets set to custom ratios: protein 28 - carbs 47 - fat 25, and I have my diary set to show net carbs with sugar alcohols. I am wondering if the "net carbs" setting is the reason for the total nutritional target to show up as complete when the separate targets do not...
If someone could explain to me the reason for the results to show up like this and how I should interpret them, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you : )

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