Three Types Of Starch - MIA (Missing In Action)

There are essentially three types of starch, but neither Cronometer, USDA or Nutrition Data break down their starch data to give this information! On Cronometer, we can see the fructose, glucose and sucrose components of sugars. We can see the values of the amino acid content in the protein. And at Nutrition Data, we can see which fats have 18-carbon chains! But NOWHERE, when we look at the starch in a food, such as potato, are we able to see the components of that starch! [Note: Starch essentially consists of two types of polysaccharides (glucose polymers), amylose and amylopectin.] If one were interested in approximating the Glycemic Index of a food for themselves, it would be imperative to have access to that information - along with the glucose, sucrose, fiber and other values. I hope Cronometer will endeaver to include this information in 2019 in their otherwise very valuable database.


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