How do you account for squeezed out water in cooked spinach?

I don't know how I'm supposed to measure spinach when it's been boiled and drained. The weight changes so much depending on how much water you squeeze out. Surely squeezing out more water doesn't completely alter the nutritional profile? I don't know how much water was drained in Cronometer's entry for boiled and drained spinach, and I'm just a bit confused about how to deal with it.


  • i'd just weigh it pre-cooking, and use raw for it....and sautee/wilt in a little oil, instead of boil...this is all only so much educated guessing after all.

    there was another thread, with the question "why aern't we all dead?"....relax, use this awesome tool. but remember it's guidance, not the holy grail!

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 9 years and still learning.....

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