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    October 16
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    October 15
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    October 10
  • Kirstin99

    bracc, hope you don't mind...I'm going to email you for your bean flour recipe. I'm very curious.

    October 9
    • bracconiere
      honestly i just use different bean flours, depending on flavor, as a substitute for wheat flour. i mix them with vital wheat gluten to make a complete protein, add a lot of yeast to get a quick rise before the gluten breaks down..

      here, ..
  • Kirstin99

    Awesome, Friend! However, I'm not surprised...

    October 8
    • bracconiere
      And may i say you have a hell of a lot of energy yourself! you'll be a pro diet guru in no time!
    • bracconiere
      and have SO MUCH energy, and i'm having SO much fun...i'm worried your going to ask for my credit card info, and try and rob me!
  • Kirstin99

    Actually Awesome :) :) :)

    October 8
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    October 5
    • Kirstin99
      Kirstin99 are on a rolling roll! Good going, bracc.
    • bracconiere
      well honestly, one of those was just staff clearing up spam.....
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    October 4
    • Kirstin99
      I'll bet this is your FAV badge. Not everyone can get others to laugh
      -It's a fun gift to have.
    • bracconiere
      your very right! onwards towards 100!
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    September 1
  • truckerjim

    My Dad was type 2 diabetic. He went on the Zone diet and lost something like 200 pounds and blood sugars were spot on and his doctor took him off the insulin. It was that good

    August 31
    • bracconiere
      all i'd have to say is damn! there aren't really any experts when it comes to diet, and feel it out for yourself...your in the right spot to do it too with CRON-o-meters db's...

      I was just saying Atkins promoted bacon, who was a doctor, and mcdougall, also a doctor promotes starch....

      anyway, just use cron-o-meter, you'll be writing your own diet book in a and a :) for good measure...Good Luck on your journey!
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    August 30
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