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Is this happening to anyone else? I go to my most frequent foods, for a Diary entry -- there is NO brewed coffee. I try to add items from Panera Bread, or even Mcdonald's - they aren't there, searchable, within food diary. I'm having to search things out from my prev. entries and copy and paste them in. It's so bad I've googled 'apps similar to Cronometer' so I can go somewhere else, because this is just too weird and unwieldy. Anybody else had this happen? Solutions?


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    Hi TASwift1,

    Can you tell us some more about this - we would like to fix this right away!
    Are you using Cronometer on the website or the mobile app?

    When you are in your diary and select Add Food, what search tab are you using? Here are the search tabs as the appear on the website:

    If you select the All tab you should get results from all the foods in our database - are you able to find brewed coffee, Panera and McDonald's foods in the All tab?


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen -- You completely solved the problem....which was User Error. Or User not paying attention. Thanks so much!

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