Shortcut Keys

I know they exist, however, I cannot find a list of shortcut keys. Does anyone know if one is available? Thanks!


  • Hi Keto_Joe,

    There are some keyboard shortcuts you can use in the diary page:

    Add Food: Alt-A (Alt-Ctrl-a on mac)
    Hitting tab from here will select the food at the top of the list of search results.
    Delete items from your diary: click on an item and hit the delete key.
    Select multiple items at once: hold the shift key and click on each item to select it.


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    In addition to those mentioned above, I stumbled across the "tab" key shortcut, which takes one to the very top of the site, and the "spacebar," which is a page-down shortcut.

    Not sure how many others do this - but I like to keep an ongoing full list of regularly prepared food items in my diary and then each day just scroll down and activate the menu items I consumed that day vs. finding them anew. As such, my diary is likely much longer than most.

    When I'm down near the bottom of my daily menu and want to clear my macro totals from a recently selected item, the "tab" shortcut works wonderfully to get me back to the top to clear the macros to reflect the entire day's macros vs. the selected item only.

    Thereafter, 5 taps on the "spacebar" shortcut takes me back down to review my refreshed macro totals.

    I was wondering if there were even a better one-step shortcut to clear a selected item from taking over "total macros" field without having to go back up to the description area at the top and clicking on it in order to do so.

    Thanks again for your reply!

  • Update for anyone who may be curious about this. Yup, I'm still somewhat new to the platform and well, I just discovered that by clicking on a selected diary item "again" releases its grip on dominating the macro totals - returning them to show the daily total.

    That certainly addresses my navigation challenge better than anything else... I love this site by the way - it's been a tremendously helpful tool in assisting me to more easily reach my goals and to monitor the ongoing maintenance and composition quality of my food intake.

  • You got it Keto_Joe! Glad to hear you like using Cronometer!

    We happy to help if you have any more questions :)


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • @Karen_Cronometer is there a copy/paste shortcut for Mac?

  • Hi,
    I use Cronometer with Ubuntu and I recently discovered that Alt + Shift + A works to select "Add Food".

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