10th day. All Izz Well

9 completed days, down 9 pounds. [OK I forgot to weight myself the first morning but I extrapolated back.
Started the day after my birthday.
I designed the diet to meet my protein requirements, 1.6 g per KG of goal weight which seems to be the place to be science wise.
I eat enough net carbs to fuel my fresh tasty brains and workouts.
I eat enough fats to have enough Omega 6 and bump the O3 to a decent enough ratio adding some mono heavy nuts like Almonds and Peanuts.
In effect, I try to eat as little as possible while satisfying my nutrient needs both macro and micro.
Until I got sick last Saturday I was going to the gym every day on an upper lower body split about 10 sets per day plus 20 minutes on the elliptical machine and stretching. When my elbow and knees get better I will up it.

The thing that gets me excited is that so far I've been resisting temptations like a rock star as the kids these days say. I was hungry like a mo fo the first few days, added 30 g of cheese and 20 g of peanuts. I did go a bit nuts on the cheese until I finished the brick but temptations in the house is beyond my power. If it isn't in the house it isn't a problem food for me. I am not getting another brick. It's served it's purpose of keeping the hunger down at first and keeping me away from the real problem foods, so I will consider it a good thing. I've gone to the corner store and only gotten lotto tickets. Gone to the grocery store and avoided the wings and mac&cheese in favor of kitty litter for my brother's pudding head cats.
I almost got 2 wings [my father offered to split a 4 pack] but I figured ruining my streak and admitting failure just wasn't worth it but it was close. That sort of public accountability [yay facebook] and pride is a powerful source.

Aside from the cheese sandwiches which are done with I've had a bit of honey in my team and chicken soup the last few days, as recommended by the Mayo clinic. So I won't count that as a fail either and it will stop once my cold gets a bit better.

I think next week will be a good one.

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