Limit on length of Note

I'm at the end of my first month and was using the Log Note described some generalizations about how I ate for the month, and what I plan to change the next month. I was just writing a few short paragraphs, and it is only when I try to save it that it tells me it is too long. First, I'd like to request a longer note option. If that isn't possible, break note up into multiple notes automatically, or at least stop me from typing when I reach the limit.

Related to this, I'd love a love the full report to have a nice summary over a range. I can list every day for 4 weeks, but what I really want to see is the data I can see for the 4 weeks when I hover over a macro-nutrient. For example I can see, how I have 2g of saturated fat per day, I'm short on Fiber, I can hover over and see what most of my fiber came from, so I know what food to eat more of, or what food I don't eat I should try.


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