Landscape view for the Crono app would enable faster typing (two thumbs)

edited February 2019 in Feature Requests

I use every app holding my mini-tablet horizontally, typing faster using two thumbs. But for some reason I do not understand, landscape view is disabled for the Crono app. To my knowledge, Crono has absolutely nothing that would require portrait view. I even tried it: I forced horizontal view using an app and it worked perfectly. These apps to force orientation, however, are generally not the best, so I stopped using them for reasons not related to Crono. Would be nice if Crono could simply enable landscape view. Thanks!!
PS: For a deluxe solution, it would help if the stripes for the food entries would be less thick (only when holding the phone/tablet horizontally). This could ideally be achieved by placing quantities not under the food name but right to it, on the same level.

(Lack of horizontal view is one of the major reasons I still use the Crono website on Android and not the app. It enables simply so much faster typing. Another reason is that the website has that handy feature to show which day is filled in/completed, so I cannot forget to complete a day. Also the website always nicely shows what I am interested in: the weight chart. The app shows on top stuff I am not so interested in such as a few selected nutrients. The app has one single useful feature: that wonderful handy reordering by drag-and-drop.)

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