Days with only biometrics should count as "Empty" for nutrition Trends

I recently went away on vacation for a while and didn't bother to record any food (nutrition) data. But my biometric integrations continued to get daily updates.

When I look at Trends->Nutrition Data for the last four weeks, it shows that I'm averaging ~1100 calories and most of my nutrition data is now much less than 100%.

If there is no nutrition data for a day, it should be empty for the sake of nutrition data Trend charting.


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    Hi BrianMI,

    We have some options for viewing your trends so you can exclude days on which you have not included any data, though we don't have an option to exclude days with some data and no nutrition data - I can put this on our list of feature requests.

    Another option you can use is to mark days complete in your diary, so that you can limit your reports to only include only the days you have indicated are complete.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen. That helps, although going back day by day, marking each day as Completed, over months of time, is painful.

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    I agree with this suggestion. Nutrition Trends can be handle separately Biometric Trends

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