After my former calorie counting site went under, and after undergoing some surgeries, I ceased my daily discipline, gaining back 50 lbs, I found cronometer, with a nice simple setup and got back to documenting what and how much I eat. As a female at 66 yrs. old, I managed to lose 15 lbs. in just my first month, without "starving," and even with normal daily activities as exercise. What you eat is the most important. Cut out refined, sugary carbs and substitute natural sugars from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and bulk up your meals with them. They add needed fiber and fill you up. Up the protein, but not the buttery fats. Use healthy oils (olive, sesame, etc.), within reason. NO soda pop, or even fruit juices. No candy or cakes, etc. (Yes, you can have a reasonable amount at an event, but not everyday or even every other day). If you are female, don't go beyond 1200 calories a day, a male I believe is 1500. If you feel cravings, just a small mouthful of nuts, fingertip of peanut butter, crab stick, celery, carrot, mozzarella cheese stick, or something will help stave off "hunger." A reasonable cheat meal once a week is also OK. It will actually boost your metabolism, because after some deprivation, your body slowed it down. A cheat meal shows the body it doesn't need to conserve your fat, because it's getting fed. So, keep on going everyone, and while you're at it, increase your activities, and even do some more formal exercise, carefully, of course!


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