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I would like to see some metric for how full I am after a meal. If there was a way to rate on a scale (1-5 or 1-10) and then be able to monitor that I think it would help with calorie balance.

A variant of this would be a way to track other feelings (bloating, pain, etc.) after a meal. Might be able to help diagnose things.

I know you can put things in the notes, but it would be helpful if you could summarize and chart it.

Just a through.



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    Hi jamorgan377,

    We have this feature available for Gold subscribers! You can create custom biometrics on the website, then log them to your diary and then view your trends in the biometrics chart.

    In the diary page, hit the Add Biometric button, then the green + on the left. Give your custom biometric a name (fullness/satiety, bloating, pain, etc.) and a unit of measurement. Your custom biometrics will be added to the drop-down list next time you would like to log it to your diary.

    You can also chart your custom biometrics in the Trends tab, by selecting it from the drop-down list above the biometrics chart.

    Adding time stamps to your diary may help you hone in on what is contributing to your symptoms.


    Karen Stark
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    Wow cool! Thanks for pointing that out. That is quick service, having something I ask for before I ask for it! :)

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