Temporary recipe?

I make a lot of smoothies. I have about 15 different ingredients including grains, superfoods etc that I mix at random each day. Meaning every smoothie is unique. 

Now, the smoothie contains 3 servings, I don’t drink the entire things in 1 go. 

So, I was wondering, if there is a way I could make a recipe that I can use for the day to log separate servings at different times without having that recipe show up on my list. The chance of me ever using it again are extremely low.

Or perhaps there is a different solution I am unaware of? 

if not a suggestion for the future: Maybe the option to have different recipe lists with the option to choose whether they show up in the search result or not?



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    Hi ibi,

    Do your smoothies typically contain the same ingredients each day?
    You could add all the ingredients to your custom recipe, then each day when you make your smoothie, add the recipe to your diary. Right-click the recipe and choose Explode Recipe to show all the ingredients. You can edit the portions sizes in the diary and delete ingredients that you didn't use that day.

    If you mix and match your ingredients all the time, another option you could try:
    Add your ingredients to your diary for one serving. Next time you eat a serving, multi-select the items in your diary and copy them all at once. Paste them to your diary to record your second and third servings.

    If you would rather not see the individual ingredients shown in your diary, you can create a smoothie recipe each day to add to your diary. At the end of the day, retire your recipe to remove it from your search results while keeping your diary in tact.

    To delete or retire your recipe, open the recipe in the Foods tab. Choose the settings button in the top right corner of your page. Deleting your recipe will remove the recipe from your foods tab and all diary entries of that food. You can retain any diary entries while removing the recipe from your search results by choosing to retire your recipe


    Karen Stark
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    I think I will go with the first two solutions you provided.

    1. Have one recipe with all the 15 ingredients and just remove what I don't need.
    2. Then use the multi-select to add the remaining servings. I will just have to remember to divide the values of the first serving by 3.

    Thanks Karen.


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