Idea: Add separation between Heme and Non-Heme iron

Like being able to sift through the various pro-vitamin A's and E's, please let us sift through these forms of iron.



  • Thanks for the suggestion! When we have enough valid data available for any nutrient we do not currently track we will add it as an option. Unfortunately, we don't have the data for iron types from our primary sources for our database. We do not analyse nutrients here at Cronometer, therefore we must rely upon these sources for our database.

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  • Hi James33,

    It would be a great idea to classify the iron in foods as heme (from animal sources only) or non-heme (from plant and animal sources).

    This is taken into account somewhat in the RDA for iron. The nutrient target for iron is based on the 'average' mixed diet where about 10% of iron intake is heme iron and the rest is non-heme.

    Differentiating heme and non-heme iron in the diet would be especially helpful for those getting iron as non-heme only, or those with iron absorption issues that would like to customize their iron target and get more detail about their iron intake.


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Hi Hilary and Karen,

    Thanks for the responses.

    I would find that information valuable indeed, although it's simple to currently keep an estimate in my head for heme (animal) vs. non-heme (plant). I was not aware that animal sources of iron could contain both heme and non-heme - I'll look into that.

    I personally would like to set a maximum for my heme consumption, which as alluded I already sort of do - would just be nice to see it visually, which is where your software really shines.


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