Iron in Chia Seeds

Why does the Cronometer entry for chia seeds have double the amount of iron I'm able to find on nearly any food label? Even the USDA and Google report a significantly lower level of iron.


  • Which Cronometer database did you use? For 1 ounce in the USDA database Cronometer entry for ¨Seeds, Chia seeds, dried" has 2.2 mg, and 2.19 when I go to the USDA website (Basic Report 12006). )

    Google only shows me % daily value, but that has a much lower amount. It doesn't surprise me. Foods are not standardized supplements. I am sure there is a massive variation in their nutritional content.

  • The USDA source was hidden from me until I manually went and filtered my search! Didn't realize that could happen. For 1 oz the NCCDB entry lists 4.6mg. I just compared both entries and the iron content is practically the only difference between them (besides vitamin K). I know foods aren't comparable to supplements, but I thought the NCCDB was like the new and improved USDA database. I thought it would be more accurate to modern food labels.

    Btw if you just Google "iron in chia seeds" you'll get the amount (2.2mg there also).

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