New Builds for the Charts Bug

Hi guys,

We will be releasing a few builds in rapid succession in order to try to fix the charts not loading bug. @RWP @mereeam @alaurika , can you guys give these next few builds a shot and let me know if you are still having the charts issue?

A second thing to try is to create a new account and see if it happens with that account. That will provide us a clue as to what is going on.



Spencer D.
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  • I will keep an eye out for the updates!

  • Build 278 just installed. Charts do not load.

    Still haven't created a new account to test, but I will make time to do so soon.

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    same here.

    New account, same spinning wheel.

    Did restart my phone, still the same.

  • b.279 - wheel keeps spinning, charts don't load.

  • Same here

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    My charts are loading fine. There is a brief ghost flash between them, but they load fine.

  • Build 280, charts still do not load.

  • Same here. In both accounts - old and new.

  • Charts are now loading in the contemporary Android ad-free build.

  • Cannot extend date range.

    Before, could extend range to one month in Android free app.

  • b281, charts are working!!!

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    b281 - I got charts ! 🤩

    Congrats and thank you!

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