New Features: Upgraded Search Tabs and Polar Integration

Updated Features:
Today we've announced the launch of an upgraded search tab and Polar integration.

Have a look over at blog.cronometer.com to get the full story


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    One change I would like to see is the ability to just enter the macros in. I do a lot of recipes that give the nutrition break down for the macros and rather than enter a recipe it would be nice just to enter the totals. I hate losing the nutrients but killing the good for the perfect is not always good.

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    Hello @Ozzy,

    I suggest you create a custom food instead of a custom recipe. Creating a custom food will allow you to edit all the nutrients individually, so you can enter your macros and save.

    Creating a custom recipe allows you to add ingredients and will calculate the nutrient totals from those ingredients. Therefore, you cannot edit the nutrients in a recipe, only the ingredients that you add.


    Karen Stark
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    I really like the new Favorites and Custom tabs.

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