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I wish there was a better way of organizing my biometrics. I have one "meal" group dedicated to them but I wish they were in a separate section altogether. Also when I add them, it's annoying they don't automatically orde4 themselves sequentially by time of day. They show up in a random place on the list among the 10's of other entries. I have to reorder them manually every single time. I keep track of so much stuff, it's really irritating to keep it all organized. Just a suggestion.


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    Hi VTMongoose,

    Are you importing any biometrics from other sources, or are you manually entering these items? Are they entered in the selected diary group?
    Items added to your diary will typically be added to the bottom of the diary group you have selected (either in the diary, or in the Add Biometric dialog shown here:

    Are you using time stamps in your diary, and adding them to each biometric when you add them? This can add your foods in chronological order. It will also allow you to sort the items in your diary by time using this option from the diary menu (gear icon):

    With a mixture of timestamped items and items without timestamps items will also change how sorting occurs.

    What browser type are you using? We have encountered some ordering bugs in the past, so if you think of any other details that may help in our investigation it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for letting us know about this problem and sharing your suggestion to move biometrics outside the diary.


    Karen Stark
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