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If I choose ‘Moderately Active’ does my daily calorie goal account for a workout already? If I log cardio, am I essentially “double dipping” burned calories for that day because I’m adding additional activity that Chronometer has already accounted for?

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    Hi Ciscojaws,

    In general, you should use your activity level to estimate the amount of calories you burn on average from daily activities and exercises. If you do a big workout one day that goes above this level, you could then log it to your diary as extra calories burned.

    @Vickie is right - Cronometer will subtract some calories from the Activity portion of your calories burned because you can't be doing your regular activity AND working out at the same time, so we try to account for that.


    Karen Stark
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    If you try playing with the numbers, you'll notice that exercise you log doesn't "double dip". The more time you tell Cronometer you spent exercising, the less "Activity" energy it would say you used.

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    I was so pleased when I discovered the activity calories are spread over 16 hours in a day.

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