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I started a diet one year ago, on 12 Feb 2018. At that time I weighted 128.5kg.
I've recently discovered Cronometer and I made a mistake. When I 1st used it (I think on 20 Jan 2019) it asked for my initial weight and I said 127.8 ... but in fact that was not the case, I need to delete that point as it messes up my chart. Further more... how can I input my initial weight of 128.5 on 12 Feb 2018... if I only started in 2019... I want to have an overall chart right from day 1.


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    Hi Tiberiu,

    You can delete an item from your diary by navigating to that date in your diary. Click on the date banner in the top left corner of the diary page to expand the monthly calendar.

    Use the single arrow in the calendar to jump back one month at a time.
    Click on 20 Jan 2019 to open that day in your diary.

    Click on the weight biometric then hit the delete key on your keyboard to remove it from your diary.

    You can use the double arrows in the calendar to jump back/forward a year at a time. So you can go back to 12 Feb 2018, then add a weight to your diary as a biometric. Then you will be able to see your record over time in the trends tab.


    Karen Stark
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