Option to completely hide all calorie information

I use cronometer on desktop so I don't know if what I'm saying also applies to the app.

Though I figured out how to make calories invisible in your targets, there is still that "Calories" box on the left of the screen showing the bar graph.

I think there should be an option to completely hide that. People with eating disorders are frequently advised by their doctors/psychiatrists etc to abstain from counting calories. Such a person may still wish to use cronometer to track other information such as protein, vitamins, minerals.

It would also be great if there was an option to hide the calorie information that pops up when you search for a food.


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    I've just emailed to ask about that. I find the calorie info triggering.

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    There are some places you can remove the calorie information in your diary, though some of the settings you would need are Cronometer Gold features.

    Remove Calories Summary in Diary:
    Settings > Display > General Diary
    Click the switch next to Show Calories Summary in Diary.

    Remove calories from the last column in your diary:
    To hide the last column in your diary go to the Settings tab > Display > General Diary. Under Summary Column in Diary, use the drop-down list to choose a new nutrient, or select None.

    You will still see the calories in a food when you add it to your diary, but I hope these options will help!


    Karen Stark
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