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How does gold membership suggestions work in this regards? When the app suggests a food does it suggest one one factor or multiple factors, i.e. (well I actually don't know how it works at all... but) if I'm low in a particular micronutrient, does it sort it's own suggestions for how to meet that target WHILE MEETING MACRONUTRIENT TARGETS? I could see the app recommending a list of foods that are high in one nutrient, but it would be cool if it could have more user-input. For example, say I wanted foods high in some nutrient, but under x grams of some nutrient per y gram portions of any food that appears on that list would be cool. It would be cool to know if Cronometer is doing something like this yet, or if someone will need to request this feature.


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    Hi Mattios,

    The food suggestions in your diary will first try to match your macronutrient targets, then aims for a food that meets as many of your remaining micronutrient targets for the day as possible.

    The 'Ask the Oracle' feature in the Foods tab allows you to search for foods that are highest in one particular nutrient (ranked per gram, per calorie, or by the Oracle which takes into account typical serving size of a food as well).


    Karen Stark
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    Can free memberships allow you to add your foods by meal categories? Like breakfast, lunch, supper or do you need gold?

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    No, only subscribers get meal categories. Free users have all the diary entries in a single list for the day. You could group your foods into a recipe and add the recipe to the diary to simulate meal categories, but that would be a lot of hassle and you'd need to explode the recipe to see the individual foods in the diary.

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