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I often create a recipe but then substitute ingredients later on when I make it again. Do I have to go back to the recipe and change it every time I make a substitution? It would be great if when it was added to your foods, you could see each ingredient when you clicked on the recipe in the diary page and change it in the diary page, rather than changing the recipe permanently. This would leave the original recipe as it is, and allow substitutions to be made when needed. If this isn't available I am suggesting this feature!


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    @Fitbiz1 - Let it be known that I am no expert! (just a habitual clicker/investigator.. :#)

    That capability exists. Once you have entered the food into your diary, select it and then right click on it. Choose "explode recipe". You can then make changes in the amounts used of each ingredient, or even delete an ingredient - just for that day.

    The same would be true if you wanted to substitute an ingredient - you would delete the unused ingredient in your diary after exploding the recipe. You would also need to add just that one substituted ingredient into your diary - then it would not be a permanent change to the original recipe. Make sense?

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    I tried this and it deleted my entry. I don't know why it won't open and allow you to edit it but the explode button just erased the entire thing.

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    That's strange. When I enter a food into my diary that I've previously created as a recipe, if I choose to explode the recipe it simply lists all of the ingredients separately in my diary. Is it possible you are not noticing that instead of the named recipe it's just changing to the individual ingredients?

    For example, I have a recipe for two scrambled eggs and two slices of melted cheese on it; cooked with butter. Sometimes I don't use both slices of cheese, sometimes I don't cook it with butter - I still enter that food that I've made into a recipe - into my diary. The recipe is simply named "2 scrambled eggs w/2 slices cheese" - and that is what shows up in my diary. Once it's there, I can select it, right click to open a drop-down, and click on "explode recipe". All it does is list allllllll of the ingredients, (the original named recipe is no longer there because it is all of the ingredients listed individually). So it lists the eggs, the cheese, and the butter and no longer lists the recipe name. Then, I can just change the cheese to one slice instead of two or delete it from the recipe for that day.

    Sorry if this isn't helping. I don't use the app so it might behave differently on different devices.

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    Hi Linda - I am not using the app and adding this from my computer. I am sure this is not listing ingredients as when I hit explode recipe it is removed and I no longer have any of the info on my diary. I am going to email customer service to see if I can get help.

    Thanks for your time and help!

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    Hi Linda, Yesterday every time I exploded the recipe it was deleted. This morning I tried it again and it worked! I contacted CS so maybe they addressed the issue. At any rate, it is working and I am so excited to be able to substitute items from recipes since I often do this when I cook! Thanks for your help.

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