How can I change the units to metric?

is it possible to change default units from inches, lbs, miles etc. to metric? I have absolutely no idea how big is a 3.5 inch slice of baguette for example...


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    Hi Janie,

    I would recommend searching for generic (non-brand name) foods in the Common Foods tab. Manufacturers generally provide the nutrition information for a suggested serving size in pieces, slices, cups, oz, but not provide the corresponding weight.
    On the other hand, using foods found in the Common Foods tab of the Add Food search will give you a number of serving size options and include the weight of those servings. This really helps me gauge my portion sizes when entering foods into my diary.

    You can enter in your biometrics, such as weight and height, in metric units. Select the biometric, then use the drop-down menu for the units to choose an alternative unit. Next time you choose this biometric, Cronometer will remember which unit you used last time.


    Karen Stark
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