"Add Food to Diary" box show which results have full nutrient data?

In the dialog box for "Add Food to Diary," I'd love to see a column in between Description and Source that shows which results contain more vitamin and mineral data than just calcium/iron/C/A.

It's been a while since I took coding, but it seems like there's probably a creative solution for this. Perhaps if the data for a few specific nutrients that are found in most foods (eg copper, manganese, and phosphorous) are not all null, then display a dot/icon/word in a column called "extra nutrient info" or some such. I know not every entry would have every vitamin and mineral, but this would still make a huge difference in my daily usage of the app, and I'd pay for Gold if this feature were added.

The suggestion I got when I contacted cronometer support with this question hasn't really helped me. I was told "You can choose the NCC, USDA, and ESHA as they are the better ones and typically have more info reported from them." However, often there are several to look through from these sources, and most of them still only have the limited data you'd find on a nutrition label. Having comprehensive nutrient data is why I use cronometer instead of another nutrition app, so I'd really like to take less time selecting search results on a daily basis.

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