Features that need to be added to compete

Create a quick meal option to add a meal simply with fats - carbs and protein


-Siri shortcut to show remaining macros

-3D Touch support to view current macros, scan an item and import macros.

- Apple dashboard on iPhone to show remaining macros


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  • Also favorites listed in alphabetical order and most frequently used category.

  • I think all catagories should be in alphabetical order


  • I would also like to see remaining macros

  • I love these features especially the 3D Touch support view for macros and scan an item, dash is amazing, its so unfortunate that Cronometer does not have these features as most apps already do, that is why even though I have Cronometer I am now trying lose it and I love it, it has all the features listed above, Cronometer just isn't competitive enough and rather then adding these competitive features they add things that seem outdated or not needed as much.


  • omg just noticed that this post is from2019 wow and still none of these features added I think I may have to switch I'm wasting money on something that can't even compete with others.


  • Hi Lizzy,

    We are a small team do the best we can to add great new features.
    We appreciate that you have stuck with us and thank you for your continued support!


    Karen Stark
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