Hello, Everyone!

Hi, guys!

My name is Mouse. I'm trying out Cronometer as a MFP alternative and so far I love how accurate it seems to be. I also love the different data that it tracks and shows.

About 5 years ago, I stepped on the scale after eating Paleo for a month and weighed 157lbs at 5' 1". I soon discovered keto and CICO and dropped at my lowest to 119lbs, but started overly restricting and losing hair and muscle. The last two years have been a blur of major life changes, but I have held steady at around 130-140lbs with much more muscle than I started with. Last year, I finally realized my goal of learning how to olympic lift.

I am currently planning to go back into keto for approximately 7-12 months in order to get to around 115lbs or so. I may end up shooting to further reduce to 105lbs, we'll see how I look when I get there. From there, I plan to slowly transition back into a non-carb restricted diet and potentially bulk to build a bit more muscle or maintain.

For fun, I do karate and play video games, namely Guild Wars 2.

It's great to meet you all. :3


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    Last year, I finally realized my goal of learning how to olympic lift

    Nice! I envy the mobility Oly demands.
    All the best with your stuff!

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    Thanks, Paul! It took some time for sure to get there - snatch in particular gave me a hard time, but the effort is worth it!

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