Nutrition Report Findings

I cannot understand the information on the nutrition report. I logged in 1 cup black beans, cooked from dried and it shows that there is only 2.2 g of protein. Everything I have read says beans have 7-8 gr of protein per 1/2 cup so the report should be showing 14 - 16 gr of protein for the 1 cup I logged in.
Am I reading the information wrong? Is there someplace on the app which will show me what everything means in the nutrition report?


  • The nutrient values for NCCDB foods come from the Nutrient Coordinating Center.

    Learn more about our sources here:

    In general, the NCC conducts repeated analysis on a food throughout the year to get an average value for each nutrient, or finds these values in peer-reviewed sources.

    The listing you indicate, measures "Cooked from dried" so you should measure the cooked weight of the beans when choosing a serving size. I would also recommend measuring your serving size by weight instead of cups as this eliminates some ambiguity in serving size.

    Have a look at this blog post to learn more:

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Thanks so much! I just found the videos and will watch them to figure things out on the app. I did notice that now the app is showing 15.2 g protein for the 1 cup of beans. Not sure what I was looking at before but it is showing correct now. Thanks Again!

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