Negative quantity in mobile app?

So I did the bacon cheeseburger thing and tossed the bun, however I’m unable to enter a negative quantity on the mob app. All that is available for entering quantity is the number keyboard. Am I missing some trick or just having brain fuzz?

Maria H
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  • Which mobile app do you have? In one of the latest Android app updates I remember seeing a note about being able to use negative numbers again. Check if there's an update for your app?


  • I have the latest beta build on IOS installed, no updates available, maybe it’s an Apple glitch

    Maria H
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  • While we are rolling out Cronometer 3.0 to all users you will have to manually install updates. The latest available version for iOS will be v3.0.7 (b318). There was a problem with previous builds not supporting negative serving sizes, however this was fixed in v3.0.5 (b316)

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  • With the keyboard type set to “Numeric” I don’t see a ‘-‘ to make a negative entry.

    If I set the keyboard type to “Full” I can enter a ‘-‘ to make a negative entry.

    Settings/General/Diary Settings/Keyboard Type

  • @Allan that did it! Thank you

    Maria H
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