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How often does this happen? Around mid day an entry for google fit appeared but since my steps has updated since then I would expect to see that reflected in cronometer. I can't find any way to manually force a sync between google fit and cronometer, am I doing something wrong?


  • Does anyone read this forum? I am completely baffled as to how I'm supposed to interpret google fit data in cronometer. It also seems strange that only displays distance (and doesn't include steps) when it displays the imported data. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    My apologies @robs must have missed this comment; I try to check this forum every day to respond to any technical questions about the software.
    Cronometer does not import steps from any devices; we rely on the activity tracker to provide data about calories burned and amount of time of exercise.
    You may need to toggle away from the diary screen, or to a different day to prompt an update from your google fit sync; you may not see your data reflected immediately.
    Note, when importing calories burned data from a device, we recommend using one of two options for setting your activity level:
    1. If you wear your device all day, set your activity level to "None" as your device will import the appropriate number of calories for daily burned and separate activities.
    2. If you only wear your device for exercising, set your activity level to "Sedentary".

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  • Hi Hilary,

    Thank you for your response!

    I have updated my profile to set the activity level to "none".

    Google fit says I have made 1756 steps today which by my calculations (1756 * 0.04) means it should show that I've burnt about 70 calories, however cronometer just shows "walking @ 10:12 - 4.0 mins 30.3 kcal" and this has not updated all day regardless of whether I exit the app or go to other pages in it. It is the same for yesterday - it appears that the data is only imported once per day and not updated afterwards.

    I'm using a huawei P9 if that makes any difference. If this is not expected behaviour is there anything else I can try or do to debug the situation?


  • Any ideas..?

  • hi @robs
    The Calories burned imported from Google Fit is the value calculated by Google Fit. We do not make any calculations or assumptions based on Steps.
    I would recommend reaching out to Google Fit support if you believe the Calorie calculation is wrong.
    If the values are correct in google fit but incorrect in Cronometer, please contact [email protected] with screenshots of the conflicting values.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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