The IOS app is shareable with my IOS "Family Sharing Group". Is the Gold subscription?

I already know from extensive experience using the IOS Family Sharing Group, that since I've paid for the Cronometer IOS app, my wife will be able to download and use it with an account she sets up for herself. What I DON'T know, is whether she'll also have access to Gold features if I purchase a year of Gold. I suspect not since I assume Gold is based on the Cronometer account rather than the IOS app store account, but just asking anuway... thanks.


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    Hello @rch2101 ,

    Apple's Family Sharing does not apply to subscriptions or in-app purchases. That means that your Gold subscription can only be applied to your account and will not be applied to your wife's account, even if family sharing is enabled.

    Family sharing will only allow your wife to download the same apps that you have downloaded.


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    In my case my wife and I used the same Apple ID for purchases, I got a gold subscription, but when my wife tries to subscribe its says she already has a subscription (but the subscription is not applied to her account), is there a way for her to subscribe not using the purchase through apple? or how can she buy her subscription otherwise? BTW you should add a family subscription option to avoid these issues!

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