Monk Fruit - why are the carbs so high?

I thought monk fruit was a good alternative to sugar, but the carbs are so high! The sugar alcohols are not being subtracted in the net carbs on Cronometer. Are they supposed to be?


  • As I understand it, there are different types of sugar alcohols, each with different effects on metabolism and glycemic index. Monk fruit and Stevia both contain erythritol which is a "safe" sugar alcohol as it has a glycemic index of 0 and does not otherwise have any metabolic effect in the body. We simply eliminate erythritol.
    It is also the only SA recommended for ketogenic diets.
    You can set Cronometer to NOT count the sugar alcohols in Settings: Targets: Macronutrients

    Maria H
    My story:

  • Erithrytol has 3 carbs per teaspoon and 9 per tablespoon. I’m sticking to Stevia. Read the label on monk fruit and you’ll see all the erithrytol mixed in with the monk fruit.

  • I made the same mistake first time. But it is possible to buy pure Monk fruit in the US.

  • The carbohydrates in erythritol aren't absorbed by the body you can safely ignore them.

  • Monk fruit and Stevia do not contain erythritol. That being said, often the products are blended together and make for a very nice sweetener. For instance, Lakanto makes a sweetener they call Monk Fruit Sweetener with Erythritol. It's fairly misleading because it's mostly erythritol, with a little monk fruit. But monk fruit is extremely sweet like Stevia. It's a favorite product for many people including myself.

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