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I am astounded at how quickly I have moved towards my goal weight. While never truly really "fat" I did have that belly fat that I just couldn't lose. Began the program in August and by the end of September I was nearly at my goal - this included one week of feasting while on vacation in Europe!

My goal weight is 125 and currently I seem to be stuck at around 127. My weight is moving between 126. 2 and 127. 4, or there about. and I can't seem to hit the 125. I am doing all the same things - using the cronometer and cutting about the same amount of calories out each day. I am definitely not ever eating what would be my maintenance weight caloric intake on any given day. Today my weight moved back up to 127.4. I am doing a few feast days - not many - and still remaining at less than 100 carbs on the feast days.

I use IF and eat two main meals a day. My concern is not only that I am stuck right now at 127 but also that I won't be able to transition into a maintenance phase without gaining weight.

Any suggestions?


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    Losing weight is a lot more complicated than people believe. My first piece of advice is to ensure that you are accurately tracking your dietary intake. If you are someone who "eyeballs" how much you eat, you may not be accounting for hidden calories (often in the form of sauces of oils). While oil itself is not necessarily something to fear, it is very calorie-dense (1 tbsp = approx 120 kcal). The next step is to ensure that you are maintaining your level of physical activity - same duration, frequency, and intensity.

    Lastly, it's possible (and likely) that your body is fighting against you to lose additional weight. When we lose weight, our body believes that we are either sick or starving. It then initiates a cascade of events to try to prevent weight loss. Personally, I don't use IF with my weight loss clients, as I find it leads to overeating at subsequent meals and can negatively impact their metabolism.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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