What Macros calculator to use (KETO)

I just started KETO 3 Weeks a go, down 11 Kg and feeling great. Since my weight has gone down I have to recalculate my Macros, however, every website I check or some one recommends gives a different reading than the next one. Some may stay close in results a few grams over or under, but I am confused now on what should I use since they are all over the place and don't want to ruin what I have accomplished so far.

Enter the same info every time. Male, 40 YO, 138.6 Kg, 1.74 cm, Was aiming for 15 g carbs. and 25% kalorinc intake deficit

What is the most accurate Macros calculator for KETO out there?

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.


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    This one is recommended in two of my keto books:

    I like this one because it gives a range of macro grams.

    15 g of carbs? wow, you are a valiant trooper!
    Also when I first started I calculated from several sources and came up with an average. Many keto calculators include way too much protein so watch that and keep protein moderate or the excess will be converted to carbs.
    And another also, if you are testing ketones and you notice them going up or down with a certain recommendation of macros, adjust accordingly. I actually found that for me 25 g of carbs was ideal, along with around 35-45 g of protein and fat to fill my caloric needs. The recommended average was 29 g of carbs and 40 g protein but less carbs and more flexible protein gave me the best ketone/glucose readings.

    Hope this helps.

    Maria H
    My story: jumpovertherattlesnake.com/

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