Successful Heart Health Diet

I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease last October, which required changes in diet and exercise to manage. I also take a statin to lower LDL cholesterol . Change is difficult.
In addition to changes to my exercise routine to make it more heart-centered, I have made a number of modifications to my diet, all of which are recommended by the American Heart Association. These changes have been slow and accumulative over the past six months, but I have made all the major modifications I hoped to make. Now it is a matter of fine-tuning my diet. Cronometer has been an invaluable help in tracking my nutrition over the last six months. Without it's simple-to-use food entry system and nutritional data, I know I could not have made the progress I have made. My diet is now heart-healthy and I will reap the benefits, hopefully for years to come.


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    Congratulations from turning a negative health problem into a positive direction. For your life!

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    Congrats. Chronometer really gives us the power! Eye opener my supplements unnecessary in some cases way over RDA!

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    Not sure what kind of diet you follow but you could check Dr. Ornish diet, the only diet that scientifically proven to reverse CAD. Dr. Greger is talking about it a lot too. Check his website nutritionfacts.org . You can find them on YouTube as well

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    I follow Dr Esselstyn's diet advice for heart patients. 7th year with congestive heart disease. Getting stronger and EF is improving.

    I don't take statins, they make me feel like death warmed over.

    After a year of WFPB (whole food plant based) eating, my BP is down, I breath better.And,take fewer meds.

    I hope to fire my cardiologist soon...

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