Diary entries in random order

After working fine for months, now when I add foods or biometrics to my diary, they get entered in an apparently random fashion. I've been trying to drag each entry to the bottom each time I add something, but that's a pain in the butt!

It does seem like it may have to do with the Withings scale I just bought. The data from the scale shows up fine in the diary, but the weirdness with the ordering of the entries seems like it may have coincided with the beginning of my using it.


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    After a bit more use, it seems like new food items are being added as the second from the top entry all day long. Very strange.

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    All right, so if I leave the order alone, I can actually see what's happening. All the manual entry stuff ends up at the top, in the correct order, but the externally sourced data ends up at the bottom. (I get info from Withings and Apple Health). I get that data at the start of the day, so that's constantly getting pushed down the list, making it look as though that was my most recent set of entries.

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    Hi @cfreilich thanks for reporting this and looking in depth into the issue. We are looking into some diary sorting issues currently with Apple health, so this will hopefully be addressed.

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    Hi. New to forum. I've been using cronometer for a few weeks with entries being ordered properly as I enter them. Yesterday I synched my new Garmin S2 and now the orders are popping up out of entry order (may be some order I'm not seeing). This makes it hard to review my food by meal as they are getting jumbled.
    If it's helpful, I do see that an item added on my phone app using barcode popped up at bottom, whereas food added manually is nearer top, and garmin stats are nearer bottom.

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