Gold version.

Hi. What are some advantages to getting the Gold version versus the free version. I'm contemplating the Gold just to not have the annoying ads but I'm sure there must be other benefits.


  • They are all outlined on the actual gold purchase page:

  • Yes but it would be great to hear some gold subscribers explaining which features they find valuable and why.

  • You should also consider if you find this helpful, then subscribing would help to keep the services going!

  • I like the Ask the Oracle and use that quite a bit to find foods for any nutrients I'm low in. You can tell it to just search certain foods, like only tell me how to get Vit C with vegetables. I don't use it every day but when I'm trying to figure things out I'm glad I have it. I used to pay month to month but I finally just paid for a year so I don't think about it now. It's just there. But at first I wasn't sure either so I just tried it for a month or 2.

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