Cronometer University and User Guide?

I am a new user (switched from Carb Manager). I’m excited at the level of nutrient tracking possible here, and I was especially happy to see Cronometer University, until I realized that it’s out of date since the app has been updated since then. First, is there a plan to update the videos? Second, is there an alternate resource, like a user manual, to figure out how to use the app? (I’m mostly using an iPad Pro, but also an iPhone...rarely a web browser.) Thanks for any direction!!

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    Thank you, Hillary!

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    hi tried finding the user manual at the link provided in the above answer and it was not there; please advise.
    Also how do i get back to the Home page from other areas on this site? Have seen a page that lists usermanual and "videos on how to use everthing" but cant seem to find it and cant seem to get into the Home page.
    Thanks for any help BC

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    Hi BC,

    You can access our User Manual and other resources from the Help tab when you are logged into Cronometer.

    To get back to our website after visiting the Forums here, the User Manual, or Youtube, please type in the url into your address bar: http://cronometer.com

    If you would like to get back to the diary page from another section of our website, use the tabs at the top to quickly take you back to the Diary.


    Karen Stark
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