kcal not accurate!!! (waaaay off) see below:

Millet coocked 300g - 362 kcal - whaaaat!? its more likely around 700 kcal! peps what the... or oatmeal 250g 169 kcal, whaaat people what happend with that meter ! its been a while since i been here, last time i checked kcal was kinda accurate and now what happend!?


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    The millet food item has come from analyzing the nutrient content of the cooked grain. If you have an alternative source for the nutrition information our curation team would love to have a look at it!

    For the oatmeal, the 250 gram serving includes 212 grams of water so that is probably why the calories are fewer than you expected. There is an entry for Oatmeal, Regular or Quick, Dry that you could use if you are measuring the dry oats.

    Karen Stark
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    yea You helped sweet heart, if dry then it shows boat load of kcal, thx. Can be confusing, thx again.

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