Saving a group of foods together (like MyFitnessPal's "meals")

Meals let you save sets of food you frequently eat together, then add all of those foods to your diary at once. This is helpful because you can then alter the amounts of each food because they're all listed individually instead of being bundled into a recipe.

This is similar to Cronometer's current copy functionality (which is great, btw!). To use CM's copy function this way, you have to go through your diary until you find a day where you had those foods together, click each of them, copy them, then paste them into your current day.

If CM had meals, you could save a group of foods through the same UI as copying. Then, the meals you've saved would show up in the Foods section where custom foods and recipes are — and maybe in search as well.

For example, lets say I drink a lot of coffee, and I always have it with a little milk and sugar, but how much milk and sugar I add each day varies. Some coffee tastes better with more milk, some days I'm just in the mood for a sweet drink, and some days I have it nearly black.

If I save a recipe for My Morning Cup of Coffee, this is really annoying to change. If I could save a meal for my coffee, I can add the same coffee, milk, and sugar entries I always use together, and then modify the amounts for the specific cup of coffee I'm having today.


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