Ketogenic how to set it up on cronometer

Hi I am really new to cronometer and I have been viewing a lot of videos on youtube trying to input it correctly, but the two top videos that say from cronometer has different views than when I go to my page on the computer. How do I know how to get to the calorie summary to get into the macro. I am trying and please being new to this I hope I don't upset anyone


  • We offer adjustable Keto Settings. To change your targets go to Settings > Macronutrient Targets > Select the Keto Calculator option. Choose the Keto Program that best applies to you, or enter your own custom values.

    Ensure you have set the correct weight and body fat % to ensure you are getting the most accurate targets.

    Learn more about settings Keto targets here:

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  • Thank you for responding to my message. I will chance my settings. Can I just ask if the red Cronometer and the gold looks the same? When you try to chance settings? I know it might be a crazy question but I need all the help.

    Thank you again

  • Yes, Both Cronometer apps are the same - one is a paid app (one time payment of $2.99 USD) and does not contain advertisements; the other is free and contains advertisements if you are not a gold subscriber. Functionally both apps are the same.

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  • I am a gold subscriber because I wanted more options. But maybe I shouldn’t have.

    I am going to do the steps you had written here.

    The pro is needed for Keto?

  • All users can set up a keto diet.

    You can change your settings on the settings tab! Choose the Targets sub-tab and then choose Keto Calculator in the Macronutrient targets section. You will then be able to customize your settings.
    We have some great resources I would recommend taking a look at as well!

    You can learn more about what each subscription type offers here:

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  • I'm doing keto using Cronometer now, I've used loseit! and MyFitnessPal before to do it, I've tried Fat Secret, Carb Manager and Stupid Simple Keto too. Cronometer is the best although it's not quite perfect, to track sugar alcohols (because I try to only have erythritol but I've also had a little xylitol before) correctly I've set it to ignore them and will create custom foods with elevated net carbs in the unlikely event I consume something with maltitol in. It would be nice to have an option to choose if to count the sugar alcohols or not each time you log a food (remembered from the last time you logged that food) but there's other features I'd like to see first like the ability to enter European nutrition labels in the app.

    Anyway I'm rambling, I think you should stick with Cronometer I've been promoting it in my keto Facebook group but hardly anyone is interested, they're all into Carb Manager.

  • Thank you I will. Every day I put in what I eat, but the settings doesn’t show the ketosis but Hilary gave me the tools to make it happen. Thank you to all that read this post and comment on it also. It means there is help when I thought there wasn’t

  • I'm still trying to import myfitnesspal into Cronometer so I can change to it. I don't want to lose all my diet and exercise history. Heck, I'd even pay Gold to do it.]

  • I just abandoned my diet and exercise history first in LoseIt! then in MyFitnessPal and started again with Cronometer... it's not in these apps interest to provide an easy interchange mechanism and if one of them built a screen scraper to do it then the others would probably deliberately sabotage it.

    I entered my measurements by hand into a spreadsheet when I left LoseIt! for MyFitnessPal where I now log them daily, this is the most flexible for that.

    Sorry I can't help you with importing MyFitnessPal, it was a bit of a bummer to lose my history in the other apps but I realised I was more interested in my measurements history than the diet and exercise, which were more of a tool useful for a week or so. They might be useful to you longer term, it might be too painful to switch but I'm glad I did.

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