Sugar Alcohol Calculation

I'm on Keto and Cronometer has been a huge help. Trying to understand the Sugar Alcohol percentage calculation better. I don't count SA's in my diet and I have my Chronometer set to "Net Carbs - No Sugar Alcohols". Per the app, a Perfect Keto Almond Butter Brownie bar has 240 kcals with 2 net carbs (11g carbs/9g fiber). But it's 17% carbs in the macros (Fat=67%, 19g. Protein=16%, 10g). How does it get to that 17% for net carbs? Not saying it's incorrect, just want to understand how the math is done


  • The % value you are referencing is the percent of your personal targets for the day. This percent will be different for everyone and is not the %DV value you may see listed on the label.

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  • Thanks Hilary but I'm still confused on the math. My daily Total Carb goal is 78g, Fiber is 38g and Net Carbs is 40g. With 11g Total Carbs, 2g Net Carbs, how is it arriving at 17%? What's the formula? I would think it would be 14% of my total carbs (11/78) or 5% of my net carbs ( 2/40)

  • Any chance someone can help me with my question above?

  • @LSUTiger06

    We need to know your calorie target in order to tell you how the math is calculated. But in general, your% macros = (g of carbs you ate x 4)/calorie target.

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