how to record chips from 'fish and chips' meal ?

I'm having trouble finding in the database deep-fried potato ... like Mcdonald's French Fries, but actually just thicker 'sticks of potato then deep fried. It's a common meal in Australia, Canada, UK.

Can anyone point me to it?


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    I just use "french fries" for convenience (and I also try to estimate the worst if I eat out). The USDA database also have a few different cuts of fried potatoes like steak fries / wedges / cross cut / shoestring / whatever, but they don't have as complete as a nutrient profile than the NCCDB ones.

    If this is from packaged frozen hot chips that you eat very often, I'd create a copy from french fries and plug in the nutrient details from the back of the pack to the Cronometer copy.

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