Celeriac (raw)

Why are the carbs for Celeriac, raw in the Quadram Institute database so much lower than the USDA and NCCDB databases, beyond the obvious "that was the carb content of the veg they tested"? Is it safe to go by the UK (Quadram Institute) database if eating veg on sale in the UK or should we go by NCCDB to be on the safe?

This also happens with eggs and mushrooms.


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    In general, the NCC conducts repeated analysis on a food throughout the year to get an average value for each nutrient, or finds these values in peer-reviewed sources. The McCance-Widdowson data set used in the UK (and, it appears by the Quadram institute) may have different values based on the samples processed. Keep in mind there may be differences in analysis techniques, vegetable varietals, growing season, climate, soil type, etc. Labs standardize processes as much as possible, but due to the varying nature of food, there may be differences.

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